A little about what I'm watching.. lol

Well, I am into the paranormal as well as history and other random things. I have been watching shows like Ghost Adventures, A Haunting, and recently Ghost Asylum. Ghost Adventures tries to find out if the claims they are given have some activity. A Haunting allows for people to discuss what has happened to them. Ghost Asylum is a bunch of Tennessee guys who are trying to 'trap' a ghost.


The one thing the shows tell people is spirits and demons do what they wish. They do not do something because we want them to. Which makes me curious, how do the 'traps' on Ghost Asylum work? They get activity regardless of the trap but I wonder if the trap works. Yeah they document they 'caught' something but how do they know they caught what they were after?


The most recent episode I am watching is with the Rolling Hills Asylum in the state of New York. For anyone who isn't aware of this place it started out as an orphanage, but lack of funding caused it to open its doors to the criminially insane as well. Ghost Adventures had been there and documented some audio and other evidence. I have heard of different 'binding' rituals and different things to help a spirit move on, but they use methods that are new to me.


For anyone curious it comes on Destination America, that is if you get the channel. I would have to google the tool they are using to understand it more, but still makes me wonder. lol :)

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